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Acapulco Barber College Policies
 Attendance Policy
  • Students are expected to be on-time & attend classes as scheduled. 
  • Saturday classes are mandatory.
  • Length of course is 9 months.
  • If program extends more than 9 months for circumstances / absences. Students will be assessed an hourly charge of $3.50 per hour, until the 1500 hours are achieved.
Acceptable excuses are:
  • Birth of a infant
  • Death of a loved one
  • Illness with physicians note
 Student Conduct
  • Students are required to comply with all School Regulations as outline during the orientation session prior to each starting date. Students are required to act in a professional manner that will reflect the academy, and the business in which their ate being trained. Failure to obey School Regulation and Policy will result in suspension or dismissal.
  • Any graffiti in or around the school made by a student, may result in automatic suspension or expulsion from school
  • No talking or texting on cell phones during class.

 Dress Code
  • All students must dress professionally.
  • No hanging or sagging pants
  • No hats worn inside the building.
  • No low cut blouses.
  • Black slacks
  • Polo dress shirts
  • School shirts
  • School smocks 
  • Black or white closed toe shoes

 Cleaning Rules
  • All work stations must be cleaned.
  • Tools must be sanitizes & disinfected.
 Graduation Policy

  • All students will be awarded with a diploma upon satisfactory completion of a total of fifteen hundred (1500) hours 

 Laws & Rules
  • Acapulco Barber College is a drug free facility with zero tolerance.
  • Drug relate incidents may result in suspension or expulsion from our program.
  • No drugs or alcohol permitted on campus
 Refund Policy
  • Our refund policy is pro-rated according to the uncompleted portion of the course(s) and unreturned school equipment.
  • Registration fees that exceeds $100.00 are nonrefundable.